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What a fantastic five day weekend.  

The sand, the beach, the surf, abandoned boats, lighthouses, dunes and great food.  It was a full weekend of photography.

I attended a workshop with Richard Bernabe (www.richardbernabe.com/).  It was a great chance of seeing the local sights that make Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks a truly unique place.  The weather was overcast, windy and chilly, but it really created moody images.

The typical day is early to rise to catch the sunrise at the beach or pier, then a late morning brunch.  We have about 2 to 3 hours before the next outing, so you can work on your photos or take a nap.  Richard was great in giving much of his time to one-on-one instructions in Lightroom or Photoshop.  

Around 3pm we head out to a new location, such as a lighthouse or scouting areas for sunrise the next morning.  A great find was a boat that had washed ashore the previous week.  (see pic above).

These was discovered thru social media by Nancy (www.nancyarehartphotography.com/).

This was a great find and offered a lot of photographic opportunities whether it was early morning light or late evening.  If the weather had been clearer, it would have been great place for star trails.

It was a great weekend and I encourage you to sign up for one of Richard's workshops, he leads them all over the world.  

Some of the locations we explored;  Pea Island, Hatteras Lighthouse, Avon Pier, Bodie Island Lighthouse, and multiple beaches.

To see more of the weekend, check out the photos below.....

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