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From a trip I took in early 2019, just now adding to the blog.   Drove straight to St. Augustine FL.  Had about 2.5 days to enjoy the historic downtown and water front.  

For the photographers, check out the Alligator Farm.  You can purchase an annual pass to allow early access, and later departures (after they've closed to the public).

I also enjoy the drive along US A1A, hugs the eastern seashore.  Lots of places to see and photograph.  I took the A1A all the way to Daytona Beach, then crossed over to explore other areas.

Put on your checklist;

Vierra Wetlands

Merritt Island

I don't normally go to large cities for photography, but have been interested in street photography.  On this road trip, (for the first time), I went to Miami Beach.  It was also the same weekend as the Annual Yacht Show/Expo.  And it was packed everywhere.  It was lot to see, and very interesting.  But I'll probably not go back again on that weekend.

I eventually arrived at Homestead FL, for a few nights.  Allowing time to explore the everglades.  

Also a lot to see in there.  I plan to return soon, and continue to Key West.

The entire trip was 9 days and over 2000 miles.  But it was great, and I look forward to doing it again.