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A brief history of me and how I got here.

My earliest days of photography were in high school using film cameras. That was the norm, until digital became affordable, and revived my interest in photography.  Not just taking pictures, but photography as an art form.  Since the early 2000s, I’ve pursued my passion in capturing the everyday. The scenes and feelings we experience, but all too soon forget in the thrum of the everyday.  Currently my interest is in nature, landscapes, and architecture.

As a North Carolina native, I really enjoy the areas of North and South Carolina. The wildlife, the old buildings, the history of these two states. It’s a great place to call home.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” -Destin Sparks

I belong to active communities of photographers; NANPA, CNPA, CCCC, CAG, are the best groups. More details on them below, click on the links.

     NANPA; North American Nature Photographer’s Association, www.nanpa.org

     CNPA, Carolina Nature Photographer’s Association, www.cnpa.org

     CCCC, Capital City Camera Club, www.capcitycameraclub.com

     CAG, Charleston Artists Guild, www.charlestonartistguild.com

     GNPA, Georgia Nature Photographer's Association, www.gnpa.org

I’ve had the honor for some of my work to be displayed in exhibitions. This is something that I just recently pursued. I think the push is helpful in making the work the best it can be. Thanks and shoot me an email or by facebook.


J. Dale Breedlove

email:  dalebreedlove@me.com

Mobile: 919-889-6758


December, 2017, "In the Garden of Good and Rodin", at City of Raleigh Museum, Raleigh NC

December, 2017, "The Art of Reflection", at City of Raleigh Museum, Raleigh NC

December, 2017, "Sunset at Sheldon", at Garner Performing Arts Center, Garner NC

May, June, July, 2018, "A Walk in the Park" at Borden House Exhibit, Raleigh NC

May, June, July, 2018, "Silos" at Borden House Exhibit, Raleigh NC

Feb, March 2019, "Bodie Island LH", at Page Walker House, Cary NC

Feb, March 2019,"Time Waits for No One", at Page Walker House, Cary NC

Feb 2020, "Lake Mattamuskeet", at Cary Senior Center, Cary NC